Melissa Mathieu

                                                                 Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dream Wedding Escapes

Destination Wedding Planner

***travel arrangements made with a dedicated registered travel agent. Prices 
do not include HST.


Wedding Rehearsal Arrangements

​      Tropical Dreams                                            150$
       Ocean Dreams                                             250$
       Dreams Close To Home                                 250$
       Exotic Dreams                                             500$

Face to Face meetings  

         Within 100 km of Thunder Bay                   Included
         Skype Meetings                                        Included
         Within 500km of Thunder Bay                    100$ per meeting
         More than 500km from Thunder Bay           500$ per meeting 

On-site Wedding Day Coordination or Pre Wedding Site visit 

     If you would like to have me there the day of the wedding to                coordinate or to visit the venue prior to the wedding, you will need      to pay the cost of flight, lodging and food for myself.

******The prices on this website include the service fees only.  Fees charged by the providers/suppliers for services or products will be extra.